Finding God, Part 3

Once the concept of God is accepted, then it gets somewhat difficult.  There are a wide variety of beliefs out there, and finding the one (or ones) which are “accurate”  can be quite a challenge.  Some of the classes of belief are “binary” and even contradictory, whereas others are merely a matter of degree.

If your concept is that only one God exists, that is monotheism, whereas the belief that more than one God exists is polytheism.

Another distinction is the “level” of God.  On one side, you have Gods who are merely “Super Human”, that is, human with “God powers”.  An example of this is the Ancient Greek Gods.  This is rather an unlikely situation, as this viewpoint usually requires that the Gods be very involved with humans, which would tend to be rather noticeable.  Not only that, but since the Gods have human foibles, much of that interaction may not be to our benefit.  This is rather a primitive belief system based on minimal understanding of Nature and Science, and has been largely replaced with knowledge and technology.

Thus most God beliefs today view God as being mostly “beyond our comprehension”.  Since we cannot know the Supernatural world, all we can understand of God is that portion of Him which intersects our Natural world.  Of course, the degree of intersection theorized varies from belief to belief.

Another binary concept is God’s time frame; some views have Him be temporal, having both a beginning and an end (some people believe this has already occurred).  The other view is that He is “outside of time”, that is, eternal, having no beginning and no end.

A spectrum of beliefs is God’s interest in us, from complete indifference and a “hands off” philosophy, to a significant focus and major amount of control.

The widest range of views is what God wants from us, and what we can get from Him.  In many cases, the view held here tends to identify the holder with a particular formal religion, although in some cases this results in a “personal” religion.

In the next part, we will consider the possibility that you have a Supernatural aspect.





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