Finding God, Part 1

Look around you.  What can you see, feel, touch, hear, smell, taste?  What can be proven by the scientific method?  This is the “Natural” world in which you exist.  It’s existence is as real as your own existence.  Possibly there are elements of it which we cannot currently detect or prove, but these elements still adhere to the limitations of the Natural and someday we may be advanced enough to detect or prove them.

Consider a realm outside of this world.  An environment which cannot be sensed and which cannot be proven.  A place where the “laws of Nature and physics” do not apply or at least do not always apply.  A place of, dare I say it, magic.  This realm would be beyond the Natural, and might or might not intersect with the Natural to some degree.  We shall call this the “Super natural” world.

Can you conceive of it’s existence?  Not in the sense of “Science Fiction” or “Fantasy” or other form of entertainment, but as an actual, real existence?  Something which MIGHT exist but cannot be verified?  If so, then it would be wise to consider the possibility that “God” exists in that realm, and might possibly interact with you.

If you believe such an environment does not and can not exist, then in order to be consistent, you must also believe that “God” does not and can not exist.  Any sane concept of God’s existence requires the Supernatural realm for Him to exist in, since by definition, any God is Supernatural.  That is, a “God” exceeds the limits of the current and potentially future Natural, which not least of which, involves being able to violate the laws of nature, physics and even time.

Note that God with a capital G refers to a Supernatural being, while “god” is a term which might be attached to a person who is revered, with no (serious) implication that he or she is actually possesses and of the Supernatural.

In part two, we will look a bit closer at this concept of “God”.



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