Does God want us to allow illegal immigrants to stay?

Some of the bigger national church groups claims that it is ‘Christian’ to forgive those who have sneaked into the country illegally.  I have not been able to find any Biblical injunction about rewarding people who break the law with that which they broke the law to acquire.  Treating strangers kindly, sure, but not ignoring when they break the laws of the land.

God does insist we love them, and forgive them.  But that does not mean we should reward them for their crime.  What does this say to them?  It gives the impression that we won’t enforce our laws, and increases the chances that these people will commit other crimes.  What does it say to others who are tempted to break that law?  It encourages them to break that law.  Ok, bad idea from a legal standpoint.

But we do love them, right?  That means we should care that their lives are terrible in their homeland and be eager to help them out,  Except that life is terrible for many in that country; why care only about those who break the law?  What about those suffering who do NOT break the law?  If we want to be Christ’s representative, we need to work to improve conditions in these poor countries, to the benefit of all, not just those who come to our attention by breaking the law.  That makes amnesty for illegal aliens a bad idea from a helping standpoint.

All right, what about the critical shortage of workers in this country?  There does not appear to really be such a shortage.  With a “true” unemployment rate (not only the 7% or so of workers on unemployment, but also those who have given up looking for work, or have taken part time jobs or jobs way below their capabilities) of about 15% of the population, there are an incredible number of people who would like to work, or work more, or work at a more skilled job.  What is wrong with this set of workers?  It is claimed they don’t have the skills, or won’t do “menial” jobs.  Balderdash.  What  they won’t do is menial jobs for the same low rate as illegal aliens will accept, or not complain about unsafe working conditions.  Or in some cases, do any job when they can live “free” off the government dole.   Cheap, compliant labor is great for businesses, but bad for the country.  Sure, a business can make more profit short term from a sort of “semi-slavery”, but how does that provide long term benefit for the company OR the country?  And I don’t know that God cares about how fast our economy grows.

Americans are conditioned to be consumers, but if they can’t get jobs, their ability to consume is greatly reduced.  The foreign workers are likely NOT conditioned to be consumers and even if they were, could not afford to be at the wages they make.  Often they send a significant amount of their earnings home, outside of the U.S. economy.  Even if the foreign workers pay taxes, it is generally at a low rate.  So the government has less income, but requirements for more services to the unemployed and lowly paid.  Cutting services is generally not considered acceptable, so raising taxes is the most common result.

All right, ignore the “benefits” of illegal foreign workers.  Surely it is “too much trouble” to find them and deport them.  Yes, but that is not necessary.  If we actually enforced our existing laws, and made it difficult for illegals to make money or get any other goods or services, and expensive for businesses to use illegal workers, then many here illegally would leave on their own and the influx would slow to a trickle.  Besides, God does not care how much trouble something is to do, only that we do the “right” things and avoid doing the “wrong” things.

Ok, what about “families” being “torn apart”?  That is indeed a terrible thing, but that is often the case that their family suffers when a person commits a crime.  What, we should let the murderer, the rapist, the Illinois governor (sorry, inside joke) out of jail because we don’t want their families to suffer?  Caring is good, but not to the point of ignoring common sense.

As far as I can tell, God is NOT telling us to give amnesty to illegal aliens; I would like to know what scriptures these religious organizations are using to support their position.