If you are against abortion, what can you do?

The simplest and most obvious is, don’t have one.  This means, sadly, not having sex with anyone with whom you do not want to have children or at least would not be willing to have them, and in every sexual encounter, proceed in the manner most likely to result in your intention on having a child or not having a child being realized.  And if unintended pregnancy does occur, suck it up and do either of the only two options available (keeping the child or putting the child up for adoption).  It would be hard to imagine anything worse than a person who believed abortion is wrong, having an abortion.

OK, that takes care of you, but how about everyone else?  In the previous article, I came to the reluctant conclusion that laws were not appropriate.  ‘Forcing’ people not to have abortions seems to be a losing proposition for everybody, including even God.  Encouraging people not to abort seems to have more potential; treating the problem rather than the symptom.

For every attempt to educate people about the risks of casual sex, there are hundreds on the joys, social acceptability and even desirability of casual sex.  Thanks, Hollywood.  I doubt we’ll ever see any laws to discourage unintended pregnancies.  Education about the potential risks and the questionable morality of abortion may have benefit, and pursuing laws to that end may be worthwhile.

Other than working to pass laws and supporting candidates for office who claim to share your views, what can you  do?

There are some who feel so strongly about abortion doctors killing babies, that they think killing the doctor is justified.  These people are mentally incompetent and should be treated like the dangerous psychopaths they are.

Then there are those who think standing outside an abortion clinic and yelling insults at the people going in is doing God’s work.  Sorry, they are doing the Devil’s work.  First of all, they are not at all representing God’s love, they are demonstrating Satan’s hate.  This tends to drive the people yelled at further from God, not draw them closer.  Second of all, the insults are usually perceived or desired to be perceived as lies, which may tend to make the person less likely to listen to reason.

But let us say that you actually drive away a potential abortion customer; you go home for supper feeling really good about yourself.  That is the only result you pay attention to.  No thought whatsoever for the person you ‘convinced’ or the child you ‘saved’.  The person you yelled at is probably not feeling good.  They were in a bad situation and now they are likely feeling worse, with your condemnation weighing on them and having to start from scratch in resolving their ‘problem’.  They probably use your behavior as God’s representative to drive them further from God, in which case you helped the Devil steal their salvation.  There was a reason the person was considering abortion; the child may now grow up unwanted or in inappropriate circumstances, in which case you may have helped the Devil create further destruction of Society and enhanced Chaos.  And even those who are not directly involved see your representation of God and apply that negative impression towards Him.

There is one class of anti-abortion activists which do seem to unequivocally be doing God’s work.  These people are supportive and caring of the woman during the decision whether to abort, showing her all the pitfalls of that path.  And they are supportive during pregnancy, including helping her working towards a better future for herself.  And after the birth, they handle all the work of adoption.  Doesn’t this seem like a more Godly methodology?



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