Why does God do bad things?

I’m sure that at some time, you have experienced something or known about something happening, which you consider to be ‘bad’.  A child gets cancer, dies or is a victim of a pervert.  A job is lost without cause.  Catastrophic weather or a burst pipe destroys a house.  A terrorist terrorizes.  Bad, right?

God is portrayed as all powerful and all knowing, which implies that these sorts of things are done ‘by’ Him.  Or, if they are done by the ‘Devil’, or even are ‘random occurrences’,  then it seems they are at least ‘allowed by’ Him.  What’s up with that?  He is supposed to love us, no?  How can He, if He is holy and if He loves us, do or allow ‘bad’ things?

I say, he doesn’t.  I say he DOES love us, and does not do or allow ‘bad’ things to happen.  But this sort of thing does happen; often; where is the disconnect?

The problem is the definition of ‘bad’.  Oh, the people these things happen to certainly think it is bad.  When we hear about it, we often think it is bad.  The problem is, us thinking it is bad does not make it so.  Remember, God exists in dimensions we don’t even know exist.  He has aspects which we cannot comprehend.  We have a view of a very small part of Him, strongly colored by our own environment and experience.  What we perceive as ‘bad’ may very well be ‘good’ when viewed from His perspective.  And let’s face it, His perspective is the only one which really counts.

Let us focus on one particular example of ‘bad’ versus ‘good’.  And drag it closer to our own perceptions.   Let us say there is a child, who makes a snotty comment to a stranger or casual acquaintance, who then hauls off and punches the kid in the nose.  Another child, who deliberately and repeatedly swats his sister, gets a spanking.  From the point of view of these two children, both incidents of ‘being beaten’ seem ‘bad’.  Drawing back to a societal view, the ‘punch’ seems ‘bad’ since it was nothing but an escalation of poor behavior, but the spanking seems to be ‘good’ in that there is the hope that it would be educational.

So when ‘bad’ things happen, let’s not blame God; let’s look and see if it might be punishment intended to educate.  Or whether it can have ‘good’ results in the future.  Keep in mind that it is our job to be God’s representatives, and if we go through trying times, we cannot help but be better at helping others through the same circumstances.


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